Ukraine war: Can UKs Storm Shadow missiles change the battle?

2023-06-06 00:45:46  • 4 mins

By Thomas Spencer

BBC Verify

On 11 May, the UK government confirmed it had donated an undisclosed number of Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine.

The Storm Shadow cruise missile has a range of over 150 miles - triple the range of the missiles Ukraine has used up to now.

This makes it easier for Ukraine to launch precision strikes against Russian high-value targets that were previously beyond reach.

With a limited number of Storm Shadows available, Ukraine is likely to focus their use on Russian military assets inside occupied areas.

Given the missile's range, Russian military planners will again need to consider how to better protect logistics, command and control centres, and equipment stationed behind the frontline.

Plus, Storm Shadow missiles can penetrate hardened aircraft hangers - so Russia's airbases will be more vulnerable in occupied areas of Ukraine. As a result, Russia may draw back some of its air defences, says Ben Barry, a senior fellow for land warfare at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

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