2022-11-25 13:12:59

Ukraine war: Facing a harsh winter on the front line

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WATCH: Residents in Avdiivka live without running water, heating or electricity.

By Abdujalil Abdurasulov

BBC News, Avdiivka

Ukraine's energy infrastructure has come under attack from Russia once again this week, leaving millions without power. As temperatures drop below freezing around the country, there are fears Moscow - struggling to win the war it started - is weaponising winter. And nowhere is it clearer what that might look like than at the towns along the front line in the east.

People in Avdiivka have learnt how to distinguish an incoming shell from an outgoing one by its sound. But often there is no use in hiding. Pieces of shrapnel can pierce through metal doors like paper.

At war, says Anatoliy, you don't get accidentally killed. You accidentally survive.

The 71-year-old had to move to a basement after his apartment was destroyed in a fire caused by shelling. He is too afraid to leave the shelter now.

To go to a shop or to take garbage out is an act of bravery, he says. You never know whether you will come back or not.

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