2023-01-23 22:50:38

Erdogan tells Sweden not to expect Nato bid support

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By Mattea Bubalo

BBC News

Sweden should not expect Turkey to back its Nato membership bid, Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday, days after a copy of the Quran was burned in a Stockholm protest.

Sweden applied to join Nato after Russia invaded Ukraine - but needs Turkey, already a member, to approve.

This month, protesters hung an effigy of Mr Erdogan in Stockholm, followed by the Quran burning.

"Sweden should not expect support from us for Nato," Erdogan said in response.

"It is clear that those who caused such a disgrace in front of our country's embassy can no longer expect any benevolence from us regarding their application."

Saturday's protest - but not the burning of the book itself - was given prior approval by Swedish authorities.

Erdogan condemned the protest, carried out by a far-right politician from a Danish party, as blasphemy not to be defended by free speech.

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