2022-11-24 00:36:03

Bullfighting ban proposal goes before French MPs

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By Hugh Schofield

BBC News, Paris

Imported from Spain in the 19th Century, bullfighting remains popular across large parts of southern France.

Now, for the first time, a proposal to ban the corrida has reached the floor of the National Assembly - a sign of public sentiment shifting in favour of animal rights.

Sponsored by the far-left Nupes alliance, it faces an uphill battle.

The government officially opposes a ban and pro-corrida MPs promise to talk the measure out of parliamentary time.

Though many in President Emmanuel Macron's party are personally in favour, the lyse Palace is wary of a ban, believing it would exacerbate tensions between city and country, and Paris and the regions.

The text of the bill was drawn up by Aymeric Caron, a former TV presenter who founded an animal rights party and won a Paris seat under the Nupes banner in this year's parliamentary election.

In its preamble, the text quotes a veterinary committee's report that by causing avoidable suffering and leading to the killing of animals... for the sole purpose of entertainment, bullfighting is in no way compatible with respect for animal welfare.

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