Microsoft and Paige are building the world's largest AI model for detecting cancer

2023-09-07 14:10:29  • 6 mins

Key Points

  • Microsoft is teaming up with the company Paige to build the world's largest image-based artificial intelligence model for identifying cancer.
  • Paige develops AI-powered solutions for pathologists, which are the kind of doctors who diagnose conditions like cancer.
  • Researchers hope the model will eventually help pathologists who are struggling with staffing shortages and growing caseloads.

Doctors working with Paige technology

Source: Paige

Microsoft announced Thursday it is teaming up with digital pathology provider Paige to build the world's largest image-based artificial intelligence model for identifying cancer.

The AI model is training on an unprecedented amount of data that includes billions of images, according to a release. It can identify both common cancers and rare cancers that are notoriously difficult to diagnose, and researchers hope it will eventually help doctors who are struggling to contend with staffing shortages and growing caseloads.

Paige develops digital and AI-powered solutions for pathologists, which are doctors who carry out lab tests on bodily fluids and tissues to make a diagnosis. It's a specialty that often operates behind the scenes, and it's crucial for determining a patient's path forward.

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