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PoliticsBy Https://Www Facebook Com/Bbcnews2023-03-21 10:22:43
The ex-PM's defence will be published later, before Johnson is grilled by a committee of MPs about partygate tomorrow.

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HealthBy Https://Www Facebook Com/Bbcnews2023-03-22 00:03:43
By Paul Seddon Politics reporter MPs investigating Boris Johnson over Partygate will publish new documents later, ahead of a televised hearing crucial to his...

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PoliticsBy Adam Forrest2023-03-21 08:04:00
The Conservatives would be finished and a viewed as an utter joke if Boris Johnson were to stage a comeback as prime minister, the partys polling guru has...

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PoliticsBy Aubrey Allegretti2023-03-21 18:17:10
The 52 pages of Boris Johnsons Partygate defence dossier drip with insights into the way he and senior No 10 figures tried to deal with and contain what...

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PoliticsBy Thomas Kingsley2023-03-21 13:19:43
Boris Johnson has accepted that he misled MPs but insisted his Partygate denials were made in good faith based on what he honestly knew at the time. The...

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PoliticsBy Liam James2023-03-22 06:09:34
Boris Johnson has said he is very much looking forward to his televised appearance before MPs investigating whether he knowingly misled parliament over...

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HealthBy Https://Www Facebook Com/Bbcnews2023-03-21 19:50:40
By Iain Watson Political correspondent, BBC News Boris Johnson has set out his defence against claims he misled MPs over parties in Downing Street during...

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PoliticsBy Pippa Crerar2023-03-22 06:00:16
Boris Johnson faces a battle for his political future as he tries to convince a cross-party committee of MPs that he only misled the House of Commons...

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PoliticsBy Ben Jennings2023-03-21 20:07:29
Illustration: Ben Jennings/The Guardian

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PoliticsBy Colin D'mello2023-03-21 18:42:12
The chief of staff to Ontario Premier Doug Ford was given an official intelligence briefing from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in the...

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PoliticsBy Pippa Crerar2023-03-22 07:00:19
My initial reaction at the time was that this was some kind of try-on, Boris Johnson said of the moment when I first approached Downing Street with the news...

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PoliticsBy John Crace2023-03-21 19:15:31
Just call me Mystic Meg. Why get Lord Pannick, one of the most expensive barristers in the country, to help with your defence when you can have me instead?...

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PoliticsBy Oliver Browning2023-03-21 15:37:03
Watch live as Northern Ireland minister Chris Heaton-Harris speaks to MPs on the new Brexit deal on Tuesday (21 March). He is addressing the parliamentary...

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PoliticsBy Pippa Crerar2023-03-21 20:14:34
Boris Johnson faces a battle for his political future on Wednesday after a dossier setting out his defence to the Partygate scandal raised fresh questions...

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PoliticsBy Adam Forrest2023-03-21 08:55:24
Boris Johnson told parliament that Covid rules had been followed at all times at No 10 parties without any explicit assurance from advisors, according to a...

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PoliticsBy Aletha Adu2023-03-21 23:03:22
The Scottish National party leadership candidate Humza Yousaf has appeared to backtrack on his plans to take the UK government to court over Nicola Sturgeons...

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PoliticsBy The Canadian Press2023-03-21 19:46:10
Canada's national security agency briefed the Ontario premier's chief of staff after allegations of election interference by China were tied to a member of...

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PoliticsBy Https://Www Theguardian Com/Profile/Andrewsparrow2023-03-21 09:18:21
Prime minister declines to say whether he agrees with Tory MPs who describe privileges inquiry as biased

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PoliticsBy Jill Lawless2023-03-21 12:40:13
Former U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson acknowledged Tuesday that he misled Parliament about rule-breaking government parties during the coronavirus...

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Politics2023-03-21 17:48:36
The timeline of Boris Johnsons Partygate statements in House of Commons The timeline of Boris Johnsons Partygate statements in House of CommonsClose The...