U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks at Prince George's Community College on September 14, 2023 in Largo, Maryland. Kevin Dietsch | Getty Images The...
2023-09-29 14:10:47  • 1 min
The Biden administration is moving forward with a new path to provide large-scale student loan debt cancellation in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling this...
The federal student loan payment pause that began in March 2020 is ending. Loans began accruing interest on Sept. 1, and borrowers will start making payments...
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2023-09-25 13:00:16  • 1 min
It's easy to think of student debt as a young person's problem. But actually, the number of people aged 60 and older who carry student loan debt has...
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2023-09-23 09:18:00  • 2 mins
Key Points The Biden administration announced on Wednesday that it would cancel nearly $37 million in student debt for over 1,200 students who attended the...
2023-09-20 18:34:51  • 1 min
The return of federal student loan payments in October has the potential to derail your finances, especially if youre already struggling with credit card...
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2023-09-22 16:54:42  • 1 min
44 million Americans with student debt are bracing for a 'payment shock.' Many of them are filled with regret.
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2023-09-25 16:30:52  • 1 min
Many federal student loan borrowers are stressing out right about now, and for an understandable reason. After a multi-year pause, monthly federal student...
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2023-09-16 09:18:00  • 2 mins
The U.S. economy keeps defying expectations of a looming recession, growing just enough to calm the nerves of investors and consumers but not quite enough to...
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2023-09-19 15:12:01  • 1 min
About 800,000 borrowers will have a total of $39 billion forgiven under a one-time adjustment granted by the Biden administration.
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2023-09-29 14:40:11  • 1 min
House and Senate employees have been getting ahead with interest-free payments during the pandemic.
2023-09-26 18:13:43  • 1 min
HOUSTON (AP) The debate over whether a Black high school student in Texas should be serving in-school suspension for wearing twisted dreadlocks to class...
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2023-09-20 23:21:34  • 1 min
Millions of Americans are managing student loan debt, and paying down that debt often means postponing other financial goals like putting together a down...
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2023-09-29 22:23:02  • 2 mins
In an ideal scenario, refinancing your student loans can help you secure a lower interest rate, reduce your monthly loan payments or both. However,...
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2023-09-28 21:52:16  • 2 mins
Its only one month into the new school year, and Samantha Becotte says her email inbox is already flooding with reports of student violence on teachers....
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2023-09-29 14:00:42  • 1 min
After a three-year break from paying student loans, borrowers are set to begin repaying in October. The good news is that the Biden administration has...
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2023-09-29 13:00:17  • 1 min
A 17-year-old Edmonton high school student has won top honours at an international science competition for her project that examines CAR T-cell therapy, an...
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2023-09-29 18:57:46  • 1 min
By Martin Heath BBC News, Northamptonshire College students have been given the task of restoring an old three-wheeler once used as a "punishment car" for...
2023-09-26 05:31:47  • 1 min
Your federal student loans are due, even if the government isn't operating properly.
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2023-09-28 15:26:31  • 1 min
After a hiatus of more than three years from federal student loan payments, the pandemic-related relief ends Sept. 1, when loans begin accruing interest...
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2023-09-29 13:01:09  • 1 min