Seeking Asylum

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PoliticsBy Diane Taylor2023-03-30 15:46:26
Immigration lawyers have accused the Home Office of building delays into a scheme meant to speed up decisions on 12,000 asylum claims. The plans announced...

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PoliticsBy Peter Walker2023-03-29 13:27:12
Asylum seekers will be housed in the most basic accommodation possible, including disused army bases and possibly ships, to save money and to dissuade people...

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PoliticsBy Aletha Adu2023-03-29 09:12:22
Dominic Raab has said nothing is off the table when it comes to reducing the use of hotels to house asylum seekers, which reportedly costs more than 6m a...

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PoliticsBy Editorial2023-03-29 17:47:23
Hotel accommodation is expensive and inefficient as a system for managing migration flows to the UK. Alternative facilities might be somewhat cheaper the...

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PoliticsBy Harry Taylor2023-03-25 13:18:24
Asylum seekers could be moved out of hotels and into military bases or disused ferries under government plans that could be announced next week, according to...

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PoliticsBy Lizzie Dearden2023-03-29 11:53:48
The use of barges and cruise ships to house asylum seekers was ruled out by the Treasury while Rishi Sunak was chancellor, The Independent has learned....

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PoliticsBy Lizzie Dearden2023-03-29 07:03:20
The government spent 3.5bn of aid money on supporting refugees and asylum seekers already in the UK last year - one third of Britains entire annual budget -...

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PoliticsBy Holly Bancroft2023-03-31 05:29:14
The Afghan war hero threatened with deportation to Rwanda has told how his wife begged him to flee and leave her behind while he made his perilous journey...

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PoliticsBy Diane Taylor2023-03-29 15:30:48
Deputy prime minister Dominic Raab is not the first senior politician to say that hotels act as a pull factor for asylum seekers and he probably wont be the...

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PoliticsBy Diane Taylor2023-03-29 20:06:12
The governments plans to curtail the rights of asylum seekers could lead to the collapse of the system of international protection for refugees, MPs have...

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PoliticsBy Lizzie Dearden2023-03-29 16:21:53
The government is battling a mounting backlash from its own MPs over its plans to house asylum seekers on military bases and barges. Immigration minister...

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PoliticsBy Adam Forrest2023-03-29 07:01:47
Migrants arriving in the UK via small boats could be housed in ferries and barges as well as disused military bases under government plans to reduce the...

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PoliticsBy Https://Www Facebook Com/Bbcnews2023-03-29 21:50:50
By Chris Mason Political editor, BBC News The rows about small boat crossings over the Channel are the ultimate example of a political bind. An international...

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PoliticsBy Associated Press2023-03-27 12:34:05
LONDON (AP) The British government pushed its contentious migration bill forward in Parliament on Monday, despite a call from Europes top human rights...

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PoliticsBy Https://Www Theguardian Com/Profile/Andrewsparrow2023-03-29 08:34:51
Deputy prime minister claims putting asylum seekers in hotels is encouraging the wrong people as Home Office is set to announce alternatives

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PoliticsBy Diane Taylor2023-03-23 06:00:01
Asylum seekers who complain about poor conditions in Home Office hotels have been threatened with being sent to Rwanda, according to a new report. The report...

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PoliticsBy Diane Taylor2023-03-26 17:26:28
An Essex council is seeking an urgent injunction against the Home Office to try to prevent plans to house asylum seekers on an airfield close to a small...

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Politics2023-03-30 18:29:56
Cascadia Behavioral Health is using $8 million in state grants to add desperately needed housing units.

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TORONTO, March 27, 2023 /CNW/ - Canada continues to be a global leader in refugee resettlement and labour mobility. By welcoming skilled refugees and other...