Politics are increasingly creeping into all areas of American life, and for better or worse, investing is not immune to this phenomenon. We recently covered...
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2023-06-09 23:20:11  • 1 min
ESG is increasingly becoming another front in the political battle between Democrats and Republicans. Over the last decade, ESG has been embraced by many...
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2023-06-10 12:01:28  • 1 min
From snap-election success and surviving Covid to sleaze, the chumocracy, police fines and finally quitting parliament
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2023-06-09 21:18:35  • 1 min
Democrats have for years bemoaned partisan redistricting plans that helped Republicans win far more congressional seats than expected. But that advantage has...
2023-06-10 04:04:57  • 1 min
Rishi Sunak has been warned he risks losing Tory red wall voters en masse, as northern MPs called on him to cut taxes, build more homes and extend...
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2023-06-09 17:22:23  • 1 min
Republicans are rallying behind the now twice indicted former President Donald Trump.
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2023-06-10 12:48:16  • 1 min
MADRID (AP) Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Snchezs chances of getting reelected after a July election have received a potentially important boost following an...
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2023-06-09 19:43:42  • 1 min
The gap between the political narrative and life as experienced by the average voter is widening dramatically. The United Kingdom faces serious economic,...
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2023-06-09 17:30:00  • 1 min
Labour has established a clear lead over the Tories in more than 100 battleground seats that will decide the next election, according to a new analysis seen...
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2023-06-10 14:06:22  • 1 min
The pressure on Republicans was quick: line up behind Donald Trump or risk looking like they werent on Team G.O.P. at a moment of heightened tribal politics....
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2023-06-09 09:03:47  • 1 min
Ponzi schemer Do Kwon, who is in prison over the collapse of the Terra stablecoin, could shape Sunday's election. Here's why.
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2023-06-10 14:00:00  • 1 min
Prosecutors are scrutinizing a series of campaign contributions made by right-wing operatives who were part of a political spying operation based in Wyoming....
Priti Patel, who was home secretary in Johnsons cabinet and widely seen as a fierce ally of the former prime minister, has been made a dame commander. Keen...
Logo The GuardianThe Guardian
2023-06-09 19:29:06  • 2 mins
The immediate resignations of Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries last night left Rishi Sunak facing two imminent by-elections. And while his Conservative...
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2023-06-10 10:27:56  • 1 min
Wary of alienating the frontrunner's loyal base, most of the challengers have turned their criticism on the Justice Department.
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2023-06-09 21:31:41  • 1 min
Sir Ed Davey, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, has ruled out a formal pact with Labour to encourage tactical voting in order to beat the Conservatives in...
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2023-06-10 11:46:49  • 1 min
If I had to sum up the current debate within the American right, Id describe it as a contest between liberty and authority. To what extent should the...
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2023-06-08 19:00:05  • 1 min
David Johnston tasked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau back in March with looking into allegations that China tried to meddle in the past two federal...
2023-06-09 21:31:20  • 1 min
Conservatives need to stop blaming "the blob" an imagined cabal of enemies embedded in British society for failures of government, George Osborne has said....
Logo The IndependentThe Independent
2023-06-09 13:15:01  • 1 min
Former Conservative minister Nadine Dorries has announced she is standing down as an MP. The former culture secretary and close ally of Boris Johnson said...
2023-06-09 15:05:57  • 1 min