Nigel Farage

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PoliticsBy Adam Forrest2023-03-22 12:09:06
Boris Johnson risks looking like a pound shop Nigel Farage by voting against Rishi Sunak s Brexit deal, according Tory minister Steve Barker. In blue-on-blue...

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Politics2023-03-22 14:32:22
Tory MP tells Johnson not to be 'pound shop Farage' Tory MP tells Johnson not to be 'pound shop Farage'Close A government minister has told the former prime...

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PoliticsBy Andy Beckett2023-03-24 06:00:13
In some ways, this has been a good year so far for Rishi Sunak. His young government has produced a succession of solutions to problems that have dogged the...

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PoliticsBy Liam James2023-03-24 04:38:58
Boris Johnson s double parliamentary humiliation this week marked the death throes of the former prime ministers cult, Tory MPs say. The ex-prime ministers...

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PoliticsBy Adam Forrest2023-03-20 15:51:44
Nigel Farage has lashed out at Rishi Sunak s Northern Ireland Protocol deal with the EU and claimed Brexit has still not been completed. The honorary...

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PoliticsBy Rowena Mason2023-03-24 15:05:56
Rishi Sunaks Brexit deal for Northern Ireland has been formally signed off at a meeting in London, after a Conservative rebellion against the deal failed...

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PoliticsBy Adam Forrest2023-03-24 05:48:59
Boris Johnson s attempt at a political comeback is finished, according to senior Tory Caroline Nokes after his torrid grilling by MPs at the televised...

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PoliticsBy Thomas Kingsley2023-03-24 09:50:51
Boris Johnson will step up campaigning in his constituency as concerns grow that he will face a by-election within months if he is found to have deliberately...

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PoliticsBy Jonathan Freedland2023-03-24 16:45:46
How do you kill off a strongman? How do you drain the political life from the brand of nationalist-populist leader thats dominated politics across the...

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PoliticsBy Pippa Crerar2023-03-24 16:00:24
When Boris Johnson was still in Downing Street, the sound of bye bye, Boris being blasted out at full volume to the Bay City Rollers tune by campaigners on...

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Politics2023-03-24 17:45:00
Biden delivers a speech before assembled MPs, senators and other dignitaries in the House of Commons as part of his two-day trip to Ottawa.

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PoliticsBy Henny Beaumont2023-03-24 20:00:29
Illustration: Henny Beaumont/The Guardian

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PoliticsBy Patrick Wintour2023-03-24 08:42:18
Rishi Sunak will meet Benjamin Netanyahu in Downing Street on Friday, amid calls for him to do more to distance the UK from the Israeli prime minister and...

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PoliticsBy Fiona Katauskas2023-03-24 14:00:24
Illustration: Fiona Katauskas/The Guardian

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PoliticsBy Gordon Brown2023-03-24 11:22:44
Poverty will last until doomsday if this Conservative government is all that confronts it. The so-called budget for growth, more accurately titled the budget...

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PoliticsBy Rowena Mason2023-03-24 19:43:25
Liz Truss has requested peerages for some of her closest Tory supporters despite her government lasting only seven weeks after a disastrous budget. The...

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HealthBy Nicole Jackson2023-03-23 05:00:06
Photograph: PRU/AFP/Getty Images

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Business / FinanceBy Emily Hawkins2023-03-24 21:55:04
'Open to investment': Dame Sharon White The boss of embattled John Lewis has made it clear she is open to new investment as the partnership faces an...

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HealthBy Nick Hopkins2023-03-24 16:40:33
Boris Johnson spent the afternoon of Wednesday 22 March being questioned closely by a committee of Conservative and opposition MPs about a number of...

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PoliticsBy Oliver Browning2023-03-24 09:19:19
Watch live as Rishi Sunak welcomes Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, to 10 Downing Street. The pair are expected to hold discussions amid a...