Macroeconomic Environment

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Business / FinanceBy Due Com2023-04-01 14:00:58
Launching a new business venture is a giant leap, even in the best of times. Variables, increased costs and a new responsibility as an owner are all big...

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Business / FinanceBy Anthony Rowley2023-04-01 08:30:14
Outside China, banking and finance often seem more of a black box than is healthy for the system. We need a better design for the benefit of many, not...

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Business / FinanceBy Marc Levy2023-04-01 14:26:32
The number of big projects and the size of state subsidy packages are extraordinary, say experts.

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Business / FinanceBy Archie Norman Chairman2023-04-01 20:50:07
Dear Secretary of State, We share the Government's ambition to create a growing enterprise economy driven by digital transformation and underpinned by access...

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Business / FinanceBy Https://Www Facebook Com/Bbcnews2023-03-31 08:00:13
The UK economy performed better than previously estimated at the end of last year, revised official figures show. It was previously thought the economy had...

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Business / FinanceBy Alex Brummer2023-03-31 20:50:11
The conventional wisdom about the UK economy is uniformly negative. It is regrettable that the hoped-for improvement in the inflation outlook so far has...

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PoliticsBy Phillip Inman2023-04-01 16:00:03
Tory MPs hailed the UKs entry last week into the Indo-Pacific trading bloc as a major step on the road to re-establishing Britain as a pioneer of free trade....

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WorldBy Https://Www Facebook Com/Bbcnews2023-04-02 01:08:34
By Jonathan Josephs Business reporter, BBC News The president of the World Bank has told the BBC that he is concerned about some of the loans China has been...

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Business / FinanceBy Bitcoin Magazine2023-04-01 12:00:00
The heuristics often described in behavioral economics offer insightful frameworks for understanding mainstream resistance to Bitcoin. This is an opinion...

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Business / FinanceBy Tristan Bove2023-04-01 10:00:00
The bank crisis could spark a credit crunch that will rock the economy. It'll be a major test for small businesses.

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Monetary Policies and Bank Lending in Developing Countries: Evidence from Sub-Sahara Africa A research study on monetary policies and bank lending in...

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PoliticsBy Christian Paas Lang2023-04-01 08:00:00
If you're one of thousands of people looking to make the shift to a new, greener vehicle get ready to wait. If you're just hoping to buy used instead (it's...

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PoliticsBy William Keegan2023-04-02 06:00:12
For many years, when asked to speak about the British economy, I used to point out that the influence of technological progress on productivity allowed an...

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Business / FinanceBy Vadim Verkhoglyad2023-03-31 14:00:00
Constant monitoring of the Federal Reserve's actions and discourse on whether the U.S. will enter a recession is causing us to seek evidence of systemic risk...

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EnvironmentBy Manuela Andreoni2023-03-31 16:25:29
Disasters fueled by warming are becoming an obstacle to growth. This week, a high-profile World Bank report warned that the global economy is expected to...

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EconomyBy Kinling Lo2023-03-31 14:00:10
Chinas government is being urged to rethink the way it calculates key indicators to ensure they are appropriate for the modern digital economy Analysts say...

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PoliticsBy The Canadian Press2023-04-01 14:42:50
This year’s budget reveals the federal Liberals envision Canada relying more on its allies for trade in the future, economists and geopolitical experts say –...

Business / FinanceBy Ronnel W Domingo2023-03-31 18:20:21
MANILA -The Philippine economy is now expected to grow slower in 2023 than previously forecast as domestic growth reflected the general trend among large...

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Business / FinanceBy Daniel Jones Consumer Affairs2023-04-01 23:32:45
For the past year and a half, the advice on energy bills has been clear: don't switch suppliers. It goes against all we had been told for the previous 20...

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Business / FinanceBy Alan Rappeport2023-03-27 18:21:04
Adding to crises like the pandemic, recent stress in the banking system is a new threat to world growth, experts at the organization said. WASHINGTON The...