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PoliticsBy Helena Horton2023-03-30 14:00:03
The Conservative party received 3.5m from individuals and entities linked to climate denial, fossil fuels and high pollution industries last year, according...

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Business / Finance2023-03-30 20:35:16
The Republican National Convention doesnt arrive for another 15-plus months but the host committees chief of staff Alison Prange discussed with the Business...

PoliticsBy Burgess Everett2023-03-30 17:00:02
Donald Trump is gaining strength in 2024 primary polls. The same cant exactly be said about his standing among Capitol Hill conservatives. Just ask James...

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PoliticsBy Michael C Bender2023-03-31 02:11:26
Many in the party said Donald Trump could benefit from a wave of sympathy among Republicans, with his base of supporters likely to be energized by a belief...

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PoliticsBy Caroline Linton2023-03-30 17:25:50
Reps. Jamaal Bowman, a Democrat from New York, and Thomas Massie, a Republican from Kentucky, had an intense exchange in the hallways of the Capitol on gun...

PoliticsBy Sarah Ferris2023-03-30 17:09:45
Kevin McCarthy has a new fixer: Garret Graves. The fast-talking Republican from south Louisiana has vaulted to the center of the House GOPs biggest political...

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PoliticsBy Associated Press2023-03-30 20:20:46
SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) Republican legislative leaders in New Mexico are asking the federal government to investigate two divisions in the state Health...

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PoliticsBy Associated Press2023-03-30 23:40:35
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) California Gov. Gavin Newsom dropped $10 million on a new political action committee Thursday, pledging to boost Democrats in the...

HealthBy Megan Messerly2023-03-30 08:30:00
Republicans in staunchly conservative states are championing some atypical legislation this session promoting sex education, government welfare and more...

PoliticsBy Matthew Daly2023-03-30 04:03:45
WASHINGTON House Republicans are set to approve a sprawling energy package that seeks to undo virtually all of President Joe Biden's agenda to address...

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PoliticsBy Associated Press2023-03-30 01:43:31
ATLANTA (AP) Rural Georgia Republicans defied lobbying from Gov. Brian Kemp and conservative groups on Wednesday to vote down a proposed state voucher plan...

PoliticsBy Associated Press2023-03-30 22:56:10
As Donald Trump fought his way to victory in the 2016 presidential campaign, key allies tried to smooth his bumpy path by paying off two women who had been...

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PoliticsBy Cecelia Smith Schoenwalder2023-03-30 17:00:54
The House on Thursday passed a massive energy package from Republicans in a largely symbolic vote that is dead on arrival in the Senate and would be vetoed...

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PoliticsBy Steve Lambert2023-03-30 17:38:26
Candice Bergen has signed on to co-chair the Manitoba Progressive Conservative election campaign, weeks after resigning her seat in the House of Commons....

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PALM BEACH, Fla., March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A new blockchain-based community for conservatives is emerging with the support of top political figures....

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PoliticsBy Five Thirty Eight2023-03-30 20:33:18
In our federalist system, the states are often considered laboratories of democracy. State governments test out different policies, or even political...

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PoliticsBy Associated Press2023-03-30 10:10:45
BANGKOK (AP) A Chinese hacking group that is likely state-sponsored and has been linked previously to attacks on U.S. state government computers is still...

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PoliticsBy Susan Milligan2023-03-30 19:51:25
Asa Hutchinson isn't making much news on a visit this week in Iowa, site of the first GOP presidential caucuses. His standing in polls of a hypothetical...

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PoliticsBy Nicole Jackson2023-03-30 04:00:53
Photograph: Robert Perry/EPA

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Business / Finance2023-03-30 22:18:06
Bedsole will be a member of the AutoZones executive committee and report to president and CEO Bill Rhodes.