Arms Race

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PoliticsBy Michael J Klein2023-03-29 18:18:41
The shooting deaths of three children and three adults inside a Nashville school has put further pressure on Congress to look at imposing a ban on so-called...

PoliticsBy David Klepper2023-03-30 10:01:49
WASHINGTON A year ago, following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, TikTok started labeling accounts operated by Russian state propaganda agencies as a way to...

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Business / FinanceBy Michelle Chapman2023-03-30 00:11:24
The move by Adidas comes just two days after it had contested the image with the U.S. Trademark Office.

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Business / FinanceBy Chloe Taylor2023-03-30 10:44:07
Russian officials have made repeated threats to the West since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine last year.

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Business / FinanceBy Megan Leonhardt2023-03-29 13:30:00
Networking is the secret to getting ahead. But while workers of color and women have made inroads, gaps still persist.

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Technology2023-03-29 14:29:43
Signers of the letters say that AI labs in recent months have been "locked in an out-of-control race" which must be paused.

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Business / FinanceBy Chloe Taylor2023-03-29 11:50:42
The sportswear giant changed course 48 hours after asking officials not to approve the activist groups trademark application.

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PoliticsBy Associated Press2023-03-29 23:51:54
A spate of threats and false reports of shooters have been pouring into schools and colleges across the country for months, raising concerns among law...

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FootballBy Ap2023-03-29 23:19:32
A congressional hearing on Wednesday targeting 'NIL chaos' in college sports drifted into the ramifications of athletes being deemed employees of their...

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PoliticsBy Anemona Hartocollis2023-03-29 15:32:54
For decades, Richard Kahlenberg has pushed for a class-conscious approach to college admissions. He may finally get his wish, but it comes at a personal...

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PoliticsBy Associated Press2023-03-30 05:02:59
SARASOTA, Fla. (AP) Professors at the New College of Florida are using personal email because theyre afraid of being subpoenaed. Students are concerned, too....

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Business / FinanceBy Aamer Madhani2023-03-29 20:58:04
Washington is increasingly concerned about Chinas involvement in Argentina, particularly the planned construction of two nuclear plants in Buenos Aires by...

PoliticsBy Karen Gilchrist2023-03-29 23:28:02
Key Points China's growing global influence poses a serious threat to international human rights, according to a new report, which suggests the UNHRC is...

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EntertainmentPress Release2023-03-29 21:03:42
Director SALIM KHASSA filming Warriors os Stone Director SALIM KHASSA on the set of Warriors of Stone with Necar Zadegan and Jake Busey

PoliticsBy Lolita C Baldor2023-03-29 22:35:24
WASHINGTON The U.S. military has a long ways to go to beef up its munitions stockpiles and ensure the country is ready for any large-scale war, the top U.S....

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PoliticsBy Michael S Schmidt2023-03-29 21:48:06
The former president is attempting to cast the investigations into his actions as politically motivated uses of the justice system. In office, he regularly...

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PoliticsBy Lara Jakes2023-03-28 09:00:33
To help soldiers quickly distinguish friend from foe, the Pentagon is issuing playing cards with pictures of 52 different NATO weapons systems. With billions...

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PoliticsBy Associated Press2023-03-29 15:44:07
Are tech companies moving too fast in rolling out powerful artificial intelligence technology that could one day outsmart humans? That's the conclusion of a...

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PoliticsBy Annie Karni2023-03-29 23:51:05
President Biden said he had reached the limit of his powers to act alone on gun violence, and needed Congress to respond. Republicans said they had already...