Using pig fat as green jet fuel will hurt planet, experts warn

2023-05-30 23:10:47  • 5 mins

By Matt McGrath

Environment correspondent

The fat of dead pigs, cattle and chickens is being used to make greener jet fuel, but a new study warns it will end up being worse for the planet.

Animal fats are considered waste, so aviation fuel made from the material has a much lower carbon footprint.

Demand for fuel made from animal by-products is expected to triple by 2030, with airlines leading the charge.

But experts fear scarcity will force other industries to use more palm oil - a huge generator of carbon emissions.

Airlines are under pressure to rein in their huge carbon emissions, which mainly come from burning fossil-based kerosene in aircraft engines.

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But the study by Brussels-based Transport & Environment, a clean transport campaign group, points out there are simply not enough animals slaughtered each year to meet airlines' growing demand for animal fats.

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