What James Cameron Wants to Bring Up From the Titanic

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2023-09-19 18:31:49  • 7 mins

Preservationists such as Robert D. Ballard have long clashed with salvors such as Paul-Henri Nargeolet, who died in June on the Titan submersible. Is a third way possible?

Ocean experts have long clashed over whether artifacts from the worlds most famous shipwreck should be retrieved for exhibits that could help people better understand the Titanic tragedy or whether they should be left untouched in the seas depths as a monument to the more than 1,500 people who lost their lives. James Cameron, known for his 1997 movie Titanic, sees himself as negotiating a middle path through this complicated and often emotional dispute.

Mr. Cameron dove 33 times to the shipwreck from 1995 through 2005, giving him a window on its condition and likely fate. His perspective is timely because the United States government recently sought to exert control over the wreck, raising questions about whether a company that has recovered more than 5,500 artifacts will be allowed to gather more.

Mr. Camerons views are also deeply personal. He often debated the retrievals with Paul-Henri Nargeolet, a French submariner who died in June while descending to the shipwreck in the Titan submersible. Mr. Nargeolet also directed underwater research for RMS Titanic Inc., the company that holds the exclusive salvage rights to the ship and its artifacts.

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