Conservative MSP defends deposit return scheme U-turn on glass

2023-05-28 13:43:46  • 4 mins

Media caption,

Deposit return scheme has lost support - say Tories

A Scottish Tory MSP has defended the UK government changing its position on a UK-wide recycling scheme, which casts doubt over Scottish plans.

Glass bottles were a key part of Scottish government proposals for the deposit return scheme (DRS).

But UK ministers excluded glass from English and Northern Irish schemes shortly before granting Scotland a key exemption to internal market rules.

Maurice Golden said the UK government had reacted to industry concerns.

The scheme is aimed at increasing the number of single-use drinks bottles and cans that are recycled.

It means 20p will be added to the price of a single-use drinks container, which will be refunded to people who return it to a retailer or hospitality premises that offer single-use products.

  • Yousaf accuses UK of recycling scheme sabotage
  • Scotland could pilot UK-wide deposit return scheme
  • Compensation threat if bottle scheme axed - Yousaf

Scotland's scheme is due to start in March while other UK nations will launch similar schemes in 2025.

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