2022-11-24 16:14:55

Wendy Morton: Ill never forget chaotic vote that sank Liz Truss

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Wendy Morton explains how then-PM Liz Truss would not accept her resignation after a Commons vote on fracking.

Former chief whip Wendy Morton handed in her resignation to Liz Truss after a chaotic vote that eventually led to the then-PM's downfall, she has revealed.

Ms Truss refused to accept Ms Morton's resignation, as she battled to hold her government together.

But the PM stepped down the following day, when it became clear that she had lost the confidence of her MPs.

It was one of those nights that I will probably never forget, Ms Morton told the BBC's Daily Politics.

As chief whip, it was her job to get Tory MPs to vote with the government - but many had refused to do so on the evening of 19 October because they opposed Ms Truss's policy on fracking.

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  • MPs allege bullying during chaotic fracking vote
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MPs had been told it amounted to a confidence vote in the government in an effort to get them in line.

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