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UK Voters Warm to New Leader Sunak, but Not to His Party

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By Associated Press

By JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press

LONDON (AP) Rishi Sunak has been Britains prime minister for a month. In the tumultuous world of U.K. politics in 2022, thats an achievement.

Sunak, who took office a month ago Friday on Oct. 25, has steadied the nation after the brief term of predecessor Liz Truss. Britain's first prime minister of color, Sunak has stabilized the economy, reassured allies from Washington to Kyiv and even soothed the European Union after years of sparring between Britain and the bloc.

But Sunaks challenges are just beginning. He is facing a slowing economy, a cost-of-living crisis and a governing Conservative Party that is fractious and increasingly unpopular after 12 years in power.


Opinion polls have good news and bad news for Sunak. The public quite likes the 42-year-old former investment banker, but his party is another matter.

In a survey by pollster Ipsos, 47% of respondents said they liked the prime minister, while 41% disliked him.

Thats definitely better than Boris Johnson was getting earlier this year, said Gideon Skinner, Ipsos head of political research. But he said Sunaks popularity is not showing signs of rubbing off onto the Conservative Party brand.

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