US looking to UK to lead the effort on AI regulation talks, Biden says

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2023-06-08 20:35:37  • 3 mins

The US is looking to the UK to lead the effort on how artificial intelligence is regulated, Joe Biden said.

The US president expressed his confidence in Rishi Sunak in heading up international co-ordinated action to mitigate the risks of the emerging technology.

Speaking at a joint press conference with the Prime Minister at the White House, Mr Biden described the technological change AI could bring as staggering.

He said architects of AI are themselves very concerned about it getting out of hand and weve got to make sure were all on the same page.

Mr Biden added: And were looking to Great Britain to lead that effort this fall in putting together a proposal, a group of nations to deal with, how do we deal with this.

Mr Sunak has announced that the UK will host the first global summit on AI safety in the autumn, with Downing Street describing it as an opportunity for like-minded countries to come together on the issue.

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"I hope that we take the right direction and that AI does not become a means to kind of subvert democracy," Amandeep Gill told the AP.
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