UK expected to rejoin EUs Horizon science programme

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2023-09-06 23:01:47  • 3 mins

The UK is expected to rejoin the European Unions 85 billion Horizon science research programme which it was locked out of in a Brexit row.

Science Secretary Michelle Donelan appears set to confirm Britains associate membership as she tours broadcast studios on Thursday morning, the PA news agency understands, drawing a line under months of tense talks.

Sources familiar with the negotiations between the two sides said a day earlier that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had given the go-ahead for a deal to be finalised.

Britain continued to participate under the post-Brexit trade deal brokered with Brussels but was frozen out in a tit-for-tat retaliation in a dispute over Northern Ireland arrangements.

Scientists welcomed news of the agreement, first reported by Bloomberg, having warned that the sector was disadvantaged by two missed years of collaboration.

At Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday, Mr Sunak told MPs his priority and preference was to associate with Horizon but on terms that are right for both the British taxpayer and for British science and research.

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