Tom Brady Still Has a Full Plate and Plenty of Drive After Retirement

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2023-06-09 16:19:38  • 5 mins

Tom Brady may be really done playing football now, but his discipline and drive endure. The seven-time Super Bowl champion is enjoying retirement while staying busy. Hes preparing for his new 2024 broadcasting gig at Fox Sports, is set to become a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, and is focusing on his apparel and wellness brands. Hes also dabbled in acting - in the feature film 80 for Brady last year and in some funny new ads for Hertz rental cars with actor-comedian Yvonne Orji. Brady recently spoke to The Associated Press about his new projects, whether he still sticks to his strict healthy lifestyle, and if that drive extends to his parenting. Answers have been shortened for clarity and brevity.

AP: You have so many interests and jobs now, what do you get most excited about?

BRADY: Its a big year of kind of recalibrating some different things. Im just trying to set my priorities and allow my time and energy to be focused on those. In the short term, its being there for my children and being the best dad I can be and being as present as I can with them. And some of these other things are probably more longer term: working with Hertz, I love doing that. I invest the time and energy in my apparel brand, my health and wellness brand obviously is so important to me. I have a small media business that Ive been really working hard at and then obviously working with Fox and then going through this process of ownership with the Raiders. All of them bring me joy in different ways.

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