Texas AG Ken Paxton's wife may vote in his impeachment trial over corruption and affair

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2023-05-30 23:56:16  • 5 mins

After the Texas House of Representatives voted last week to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton for alleged bribery, obstruction of justice and abuse of office, the senate must now serve as jury in his impeachment trial —and among the senators who will decide the fate of the attorney general is his wife, Angela Paxton.

Ken Paxton has been suspended after being accused, among other things, of using his position to secure a job for a woman with whom he was having an affair. The state's Constitution says that all senators must now serve as jurors in his trial, putting Angela Paxton at the center of the state's political storm.

Rep. Andrew Murr, the head of the House committee that was investigating Paxton, did not answer reporters' questions on Monday if Angela Paxton would recuse herself from the vote, which could remove the attorney general from office, and she did not return a request for comment.

Ken Paxton denies the allegations. Over the weekend he posted photos on social media with some of his children and grandchildren, writing "there's nothing better than a weekend spent with loved ones."

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