Stop blaming the Blob for failures, George Osborne tells Tories

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2023-06-09 13:15:01  • 2 mins

Conservatives need to stop blaming "the blob" an imagined cabal of enemies embedded in British society for failures of government, George Osborne has said.

In a speech on Friday the former chancellor said the Tories had been in government for 11 years and that they were "in charge of our country's destiny".

Some Tories have claimed an amorphous "blob" of political opponents in civil society and government are obstructing their policies often blaming it when things go wrong.

The blob is poorly defined but has been said to include civil servants, parts of the legal system, charities, trade unions and remainers.

It has been blamed for all manner of government failures ranging from immigration policy, to Brexit, to Liz Truss's mini budget.

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