2023-01-30 12:58:21

Speaker Kevin McCarthy to find a reasonable and responsible way to lift the debt ceiling

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The Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy announced in an interview with "Face The Nation" that he and President Biden will meet on Wednesday at the White House. The two are expected to discuss lifting the debt ceiling and the Republican party’s financial priorities. Scott MacFarlane reports.

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PoliticsBy Hope Yen2023-01-29 17:05:07
WASHINGTON House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Sunday he is looking forward to discussing with President Joe Biden a reasonable and responsible way that we can...

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PoliticsBy Tony Czuczka2023-01-29 16:03:01
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he and President Joe Biden will meet on Feb. 1 to discuss raising the US debt ceiling and avoiding a sovereign default....

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PoliticsBy Melissa Quinn2023-01-29 17:43:23
Washington — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Sunday that he wants to reach a "reasonable and responsible" agreement on lifting the debt ceiling, but one...

PoliticsBy Olivia Olander2023-01-29 16:34:25
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Sunday he thinks President Joe Biden will come to an agreement with him regarding the debt ceiling, despite the Biden...

PoliticsBy Burgess Everett2023-01-30 09:30:00
Chuck Schumer, as hes known to do, is talking a lot these days. And its all aimed at Kevin McCarthy. The Senate majority leader is directing heat at the new...

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Politics2023-01-29 17:15:00
The following is a transcript of an interview with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy that aired Sunday, Jan. 29, 2023, on "Face the Nation." MARGARET BRENNAN:...

PoliticsBy Caitlin Emma2023-01-30 09:30:00
Debt ceiling negotiations are struck in limbo, as House Republicans demand severe spending cuts without saying where theyd start. Pretty soon, though, their...

PoliticsBy Jordain Carney2023-01-30 09:30:00
Kevin McCarthy has told House Republicans to treat every committee like the Oversight panel that is, use every last bit of authority to dig into the Biden...

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PoliticsBy Kathryn Watson2023-01-24 22:02:13
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that any "solution" to the debt ceiling will have to come from both fellow Republican House Speaker Kevin...

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PoliticsBy Laura Litvan2023-01-24 20:24:50
Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell says it’s up to President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to avert a catastrophic debt default later this...

PoliticsBy Lisa Mascaro And Seung Min Kim2023-01-24 20:31:29
WASHINGTON President Joe Biden is hosting the Democratic congressional leaders Tuesday at the White House as they face a new era of divided government in...

PoliticsBy Burgess Everett2023-01-24 00:14:05
Senate Republicans are happy to leave the hard work on averting a cataclysmic debt default this year to the Houses new speaker. After Kevin McCarthy whacked...

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PoliticsBy Bhavik Nair2023-01-25 02:37:46
Congressional Democrats are now reportedly pushing Republicans to come up with a proposal to increase the debt ceiling and avert a U.S. default after they...

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PoliticsBy Kaia Hubbard2023-01-20 22:14:47
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Friday agreed to meet with President Joe Biden to address the debt ceiling amid heightened economic concerns as the...

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PoliticsBy Nate Cohn2023-01-30 10:00:10
The Tea Party is over. Cultural issues seem to animate G.O.P. voters. To Understand Why Republicans Are Divided on the Debt Ceiling, Consider Dr. Seuss By...

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Politics2023-01-29 19:32:32
On this "Face the Nation" broadcast, moderated by Margaret Brennan: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Sens. Mark Warner of Virginia and Marco Rubio of Florida...

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PoliticsBy Akayla Gardner2023-01-26 21:04:30
President Joe Biden lashed out at Republicans and said they were looking to use the nation’s credit as leverage in economic negotiations. Newly empowered...

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PoliticsBy Kathryn Watson2023-01-20 21:37:00
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy confirmed that he has an accepted an invitation from President Biden to meet and discuss a solution to addressing the debt...

PoliticsBy Lisa Mascaro2023-01-24 05:09:42
WASHINGTON The debate around raising the debt ceiling sounds eerily similar: Newly elected House Republicans, eager to confront the Democratic president in...

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PoliticsBy Josh Wingrove2023-01-24 20:40:23
Congressional Democrats pressed Republicans to offer a concrete proposal for raising the nation’s debt ceiling and avoiding a default after a meeting on...