2022-11-25 09:21:33

Singing Street Marshals Are Qatar World Cup's Surprise Stars

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By Associated Press

By LUJAIN JO, Associated Press

DOHA, Qatar (AP) The World Cup 2010 in South Africa had Shakira. The 1998 tournament in France had Ricky Martin.

For many fans, the unofficial soundtrack of the World Cup in Qatar is fast becoming the incessant chanting of street marshals, better knows as Last Mile Marshals.

Seated all over Doha on high chairs more commonly used by lifeguards at swimming pools, these migrant workers have become a staple of the Middle East's first World Cup.

They point visitors flooding into this Arabian Peninsula nation in the right direction on their search for public transportation. It's an important crowd control measure as some 1.2 million fans are expected to inundate Qatar, a country home to 3 million people.

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