Singh says NDP won’t trigger election over Johnston, interference. Why?

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2023-06-04 15:00:32  • 6 mins

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is defending his partys decision not to make its motion calling for David Johnston to step down as special rapporteur binding and says an election does not make sense if the goal is protecting Canadas democracy.

Singh told The West Block’s Mercedes Stephenson in an interview that aired Sunday that he wants to get a better understanding of the full extent of allegations of foreign interference.

I want to see some steps being taken to safeguard our democracy instead of triggering an election because Im worried about interference in our elections. To me, (it) sounds self-serving, he said.

Its something that Mr. Poilievre and Mr. Blanchet are calling for because I dont think theyre very serious about dealing with this issue.

Earlier this week, the NDPs non-binding motion calling for an inquiry and for Johnston to step down was adopted in the House of Commons by the opposition parties.

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2:00Canada cursed by Trudeau amid foreign interference allegations, Conservative MP claims

But following the vote both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Johnston said he would continue in the role of special rapporteur investigating foreign interference.

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