2023-01-25 09:30:00

Why the Senate GOP's McDaniel for RNC caucus is surprisingly small

By Burgess Everett

Ronna McDaniel has more fans than foes among GOP lawmakers in her bid to remain RNC chair. Another camp, however, might be most telling: Hill Republicans who are completely apathetic about their national party leader.

McDaniel has presided over three election cycles during which her party lost the Senate and the White House while ending up with a slimmer-than-expected House majority. Now, as she faces two challengers in her race to lock down a fourth term this week, McDaniels confronting a tepid level of support at the top rungs of Capitol Hill.

I dont care, Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), a former state GOP chair, said when asked about McDaniels future. I was surprised she wanted to run again. Why would you put yourself through that? But its her call.

Though Cramer isnt calling for McDaniel to be replaced, his shrug-emoji reaction is widespread among many GOP lawmakers. That has more to do with large-scale political changes than her personally: The more that super PACs, party committees and candidate fundraising have decentralized the party, the less enmeshed Republican lawmakers are in the RNC structure.

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