Senate braces for conservative debt deal drama of its own

2023-05-30 23:27:49  • 6 mins

Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden achieved what once looked improbable: A bipartisan deal to raise the debt ceiling. Now any one senator has the leverage to bring the country right to the brink of default.

After the Houses planned Wednesday vote to raise the debt ceiling through 2024, the Senate will have only days before the June 5 deadline. And Senate leaders may have to do procedural acrobatics to clear the bill through their chamber in time to keep financial markets and everyday Americans comfortable.

If somebody used every procedural motion, we wouldnt even be done by June 5, said Sen. Debbie Stabebow (D-Mich.), the No. 3 Democratic leader, who supports the deal. Anyone who runs this out just to be an obstructionist, I think would be extremely irresponsible.

Stabenow, like many senators, foresees some Senate magic as the weekend gets closer and senators want to go home. But it could be a bumpy ride: Due to the quirks of the upper chamber, individual senators can drag out a bill for roughly a week, as all 100 members must agree in order to fast-track legislation.

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