Russia Claims It Blew up Advanced Ukrainian Tank, but Video Shows Its Helicopter Attacked a Tractor

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2023-06-09 13:17:10  • 4 mins

WASHINGTON (AP) A grainy black-and-white gunsight video Russia released this week to bolster a claim its military blew up some of Ukraine's most fearsome tanks actually documented the destruction of a tractor, according to a visual analysis by The Associated Press.

The Russian Embassy in Washington announced Monday on Twitter its forces had annihilated eight German-made Leopard tanks, among the most advanced and powerful weapons NATO countries have provided to Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Defense then posted a video Tuesday on the social media network Telegram with text saying it showed footage of the destruction of foreign armored vehicles, including Leopard tanks.

The video was shown extensively by Russian state-controlled broadcasters and news sites, which said it was recorded from the thermal imaging system of a KA-52 Alligator attack helicopter. Several black silhouettes of vehicles can be seen, before the helicopter launches a guided missile that strikes one, causing it to explode. Direct hit! says a voice on the recording, speaking in Russian.

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