2022-11-25 10:52:40

Rishi Sunak switches priorities to sealing up holes in a sinking ship

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By Jessica Elgot

When Rishi Sunak was chancellor, Treasury aides and ministers said he was deeply entrenched in the detail, able to refer to spreadsheets or reports by chapter number by heart. The job of prime minister is a very different one, which his closest aides in No 10 say he is starting to understand means choosing very specific priorities.

Sunak has suggested to MPs who have seen him recently that he has three main priorities for his premiership: stabilising the economy, tackling small boat crossings in the Channel, and easing the pressures on the NHS.

The striking thing about those priorities are that none are Sunaks own vision or even really his choosing. It is government as management almost the opposite of Liz Truss who governed by ideology above all else.

But Sunaks managerial style is probably his only survival route as the severity of the crises will affect the next two years of his premiership.

There is precious little in the autumn statement that tells us anything about Sunaks ideas for growth, with investment zones heavily diluted, planning reforms at a standstill, and an unwillingness to pursue green investment including maintaining the ban on onshore wind.

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