Rishi Sunak could face major rebellion by his MPs over illegal migration bill

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2023-03-24 18:52:31  • 3 mins

Rishi Sunak is braced for what could be the biggest rebellion of this parliament over his illegal migration bill, with many Conservative MPs calling for it to be toughened up.

At least 60 Tories are expected to back an amendment that will block judges from granting injunctions to stop migrants being deported, which they believe is the only way the prime minister will meet his mission of actually stopping the boats.

There are more than 50 pages of amendments tabled to the bill, including Labour proposals to establish a process to fast-track asylum claims from safe countries led by backbencher Olivia Blake.

Conservative insiders believe the prime minister faces a real problem on Monday because the toughest amendments are said to be supported by Tories who are also calling for legal safe routes and support for victims of modern slavery, one of whom is said to be a former Conservative party leader.

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