RishGPT recycles old soundbites as last vestiges of credibility crumble

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2023-09-06 17:24:45  • 6 mins

It was never going to be pretty. Even if school buildings hadnt been found to be collapsing all around us, the first prime ministers questions of the new session was always likely to be brutal for Rishi Sunak. The governments attempts to seize control of the news agenda over the summer had backfired badly. Small boats week, NHS week and crime week had all left ministers trying to explain why nothing was going as planned. It was as if the idiots had taken over the asylum. Which of course, they have. Only the idiots are left. To be a halfwit in the current Tory party is a status symbol. Most are far dimmer than that.

Sunaks problem is that almost everyone has long since given up listening to him. There was a brief period after he replaced Liz Truss when a few people kept half an ear open to him but that window has long been closed. Now hes just an irritant. White noise. A man programmed to be a very basic form of artificial intelligence whose only output is to take the country for mugs. RishGPT. The words tumble out in an entitled nasal whine but everyone has zoned out. Life is too short. People have given the Tories more than enough chances already. Times up.

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