Renowned Artist Confronts Destruction of African Wildlife in Latest Art Show

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2023-06-10 06:05:41  • 4 mins

JOHANNESBURG (AP) Often depicted as an integral feature of the continent, African wildlife, from iconic big beasts to its vast array of species, continues to attract millions of foreign travelers every year.

But a new art exhibition in the heart of Johannesburg is questioning the relationship between humans and animals on the continent, which spans centuries and is often marked by the destruction and exploitation of African wildlife for commercial gain and recreational purposes.

From the killing of elephants in the 18th century to feed the ivory trade to decimating the rhino population through hunting, artist and photographer Roger Ballen argues through provocative installations and multimedia works that humans have been at the forefront of destroying African wildlife for around 200 years.

The exhibition, which opened in March this year, is titled End of The Game. It explores how depictions of African wildlife, including in Hollywood films, were used to instill stereotypes about the continent that led to the ruin of its environment.

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