2023-01-23 06:10:00

When Will Putin Give Up Ukraine? Here's What An Expert Says

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By Navdeep Yadav

An expert has warned that chasing away Vladimir Putin's Russian army is not enough for Ukraine to win this war.

What Happened: Olga Chyzh, a political expert and researcher, in an op-ed for The Guardian, said the Russian leader operates under a different set of domestic institutional constraints from his opponents in the West.

She added that unlike U.S. President Joe Biden and his European allies, "authoritarian leaders" like Putin do not face the same public pressure.

"Sobering images of troops returning home in body bags are detrimental for democratic presidents but are irrelevant for leaders who do not rely on public support to remain in power. No number of casualties will soften the Russian pharaoh's heart," Chyzh said.

She added that Putin can afford to play this for long to buy time until today's pro-Ukraine leaders in the West are replaced by those that support Kyiv less.

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