2023-01-31 00:05:38

Putin's Ally On How To Force West To Negotiate Position Hypersonic Missiles To Hit US In 5 Minutes

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By Shanthi Rexaline

As Russian troops continue military operations in the then more-than-four-month-oldwar against Ukraine, tempers were flying high.

Andrei Gurulyov, a crony of President Vladimir Putin and a Duma member, reportedly told Rossiya-1, that Russia should look to recreate the Cuban missile crisis. The Cuban missile crisis of 1962 saw the U.S. and the now-defunct Soviet Union prepping for nuclear missile attacks, the former positioning them in Italy and Turkey and the latter in Cuba.

The only way to bring the Western nations to the negotiation table is to launch a threat against Washington, Gurulyov reportedly said. He recommended that Russia position hypersonic missiles close to the U.S. borders, "with a flight time of 5 minutes, maximum."

"Biden will keep sitting there and stuttering, but the rest will think about how to negotiate," the Putin aide reportedly said.

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