2023-01-25 22:25:24

Purdy Goes From 'Mr. Irrelevant' to Brink of Super Bowl

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By Associated Press

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) Brock Purdy's NFL career started with the moniker of Mr. Irrelevant and the weeklong trip to Newport Beach to celebrate the player picked last in the draft.

With one more win, Purdy's rookie season in the NFL will end on the brightest stage of all as a starting quarterback in the Super Bowl for the San Francisco 49ers.

It's been an improbable nine-month journey from the trip to Disneyland, golf tournament, and a roast where he received the Lowsman Trophy as the last draft pick to the NFC title game on Sunday when the 49ers (15-4) visit the Philadelphia Eagles (15-3).

Going to the NFC championship, it means a lot to us and for myself, Purdy said. "When I take a step back, its pretty cool. Very thankful.

Purdy is set for perhaps his toughest test yet on Sunday, when he faces an Eagles defense that led the NFL with 70 sacks and must deal with an imposing road environment.

Purdy handled the crowd noise well in his first road start at Seattle last month, with coach Kyle Shanahan telling him at the time it was important to deal with that before the postseason.

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