Prince William, Billionaires Gates and Bloomberg Say Innovation Provides Climate Hope

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2023-09-20 00:02:54  • 4 mins

NEW YORK (AP) With deadly extreme weather hitting all over the globe, rising temperatures peaking during the hottest summer on record and carbon pollution levels that keep climbing, Britains Prince William and wealthy entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg promised a warming world a degree of hope.

That comes in the form of innovation, creativity and technology, the trio and others said at a summit Tuesday in the posh Plaza Hotel. They announced finalists for Williams third annual Earthshot Prize that offers five awards of 1 million pounds ($1.2 million) to companies and groups that come up with new ways to save the planet.

Weve got to hang onto optimism and hope because it is the biggest driver of change, the biggest driver of innovation, William told the crowd of movers and shakers, after mentioning that he'd slipped away for a morning jog in New Yorks Central Park.

While a healthy dose of realistic pessimism about Earths climate is important, the heir to the British throne said he wants people to believe there is hope; there are people out there doing incredible things that will have massive impacts on our futures.

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