Pets Are Our Faithful Companions, but the Costs to Care for Them Can Add Up

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2023-09-07 11:23:44  • 7 mins

NEW YORK (AP) Pets provide joy and companionship, but costs can add up quickly, especially if you're a first-time owner and don't know what to expect.

Many prospective dog or cat owners only focus on the positive aspects of bringing a furry friend into their lives. And there are countless reasons why pets are great. But it's also important to have realistic expectations so you don't face sudden expenses that could hurt your financial stability.

It's important to be able to choose a pet that is going to fit your budget and your lifestyle the best, said Dr. Wendy Hauser, a veterinarian who founded her own consulting company.

When Melissa Chavez decided to get a toy poodle named Milo in the summer of 2020, she had an idea of the costs but was surprised by how fast they added up. Like many others during the pandemic, she saw her stay-at-home schedule as a perfect opportunity to get a puppy.

Ive never had any dogs before, so I think everything was a learning opportunity for me, Chavez said.

If you are considering getting a pet, or looking for ways to cut costs, here are some things to consider:


Initial costs for a dog or cat go beyond the fee to adopt or buy them.

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