Partys over, Boris: what the UK papers say about Johnsons Partygate resignation

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2023-06-10 02:35:59  • 4 mins

Boris Johnsons departure from life as an MP ahead of the publication of the Partygate report plays out across Saturdays front pages, which are filled with a mixture of acrimony, triumph and predictions of further Tory bloodletting.

The Guardian focuses on the reason for his decision to resign as MP, noting that the privileges committee found he misled parliament and recommended a lengthy suspension from the House of Commons. It finds a spot lower down for the reaction to Rishi Sunak approving Johnsons honours list, regarded as rewarding those involved in the Partygate scandal.

Guardian front page, Saturday 10 June 2023: Johnson quits over report into Partygate

— The Guardian (@guardian) June 9, 2023

The Times is among a few that go with the partys over angle in their headline. It gives its main picture to a Johnson ally, Donald Trump, who is facing his own troubles over the retention of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago home.

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