The Kremlin said on Monday it was "outrageous" that a Ukrainian man who served in one of Adolf Hitler's Waffen SS units during the Second World War had been...
2023-09-25 12:40:08  • 1 min
Media caption, Watch: The moment Canadian lawmakers celebrate Ukrainian Nazi By Nadine Yousif in Toronto and Max Matza in Seattle BBC News, An invitation to...
OSLO On a frigid U.S. air base in Germany, the top U.S. military officer was in his element. Striding along the training area in his fatigues, Army Gen. Mark...
2023-09-26 04:05:29  • 2 mins
Illustration: Ben Jennings/The Guardian
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2023-09-20 17:51:50  • 1 min
NEW PLYMOUTH, New Zealand (AP) New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins was on the campaign trail Monday visiting an art gallery when his guide asked him...
By Mark Urban BBC News, Ukraine Open-ended service, just 10 days leave a year and a high casualty rate - for Ukrainian soldiers in one unit, life on the...
2023-09-25 23:08:50  • 1 min
House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota apologized again Monday for inviting and paying tribute to a Ukrainian Second World War veteran who fought for Nazi...
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2023-09-25 15:40:46  • 1 min
Mr. Wiley, famous for his portrait of former President Obama, is now showing paintings of 11 current and former African heads of state. This is not a...
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2023-09-25 20:09:13  • 1 min
That Would Be The Road To Hell For America. I will never not enjoy that clip. Clown world has become so much more than just a meme. Here in the US, but...
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2023-09-25 14:00:00  • 1 min
BENJENNINGS OPINION 230922 Illustration: Ben Jennings/The Guardian
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2023-09-21 17:42:51  • 1 min
Houseof Commons Speaker Anthony Rota will address Parliament Monday the day after apologizing for inviting a Ukrainian war veteran who fought in a...
2023-09-25 14:52:45  • 1 min
Jermaine Jenas has apologised for his controversial criticism of the officials during the 2-2 draw between Arsenal and his former club Tottenham on Sunday....
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2023-09-25 16:12:19  • 1 min
Several Jewish advocacy organizations condemned members of Parliament on Sunday for giving a standing ovation to a man who fought for a Nazi unit during the...
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2023-09-24 21:05:36  • 1 min
Illustration: Martin Rowson
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2023-09-12 19:00:38  • 1 min
Jermaine Jenas made his X-rated rant at a 'sh**house' referee just weeks after fronting a Football Association campaign calling for officials to be shown...
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2023-09-25 09:42:54  • 1 min
James Maddison has joked that Bukayo Saka must still have been copying his dart-throw celebration when he spun him leading up to Tottenham's first equaliser...
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2023-09-25 08:40:12  • 1 min