Nevada Lawmakers Approve Comprehensive Cannabis Reform Bill, Awaits Governor's Signature

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2023-06-09 19:13:03  • 4 mins

Nevada lawmakers have approved a comprehensive marijuana reform bill, aiming to increase possession limits and remove barriers in the industry.

Abby Kaufmann, secretary of the Chamber of Cannabis, is certain the marijuana reform bill will receive the governor's signature. However, in the unlikely event of a veto, the bill has garnered bipartisan support, increasing the possibility of a successful veto override, she said,according to News3LV.

Sponsored by Sen. Dallas Harris (D), the cannabis omnibus legislation passed the Assembly by a vote of 28-14, reported Marijuana Moment.

About The Bill

If signed into law, Bill SB277 would more than double the personal possession limit from one ounce to 2.5 ounces and allow for the possession of larger quantities of cannabis concentrates.

The measure also eliminates the need for separate licenses for medical and recreational retailers, streamlining the licensing process.

Furthermore, it grants the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board the discretion to issue marijuana business licenses to individuals with prior felony convictions, as long as public health and safety are not compromised.

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