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Nadhim Zahawi resisting calls to resign as PM called weak

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By Aubrey Allegretti

Nadhim Zahawi is resisting calls to quit as chair of the Conservative party amid a row over previously unpaid taxes, as Rishi Sunak was accused of being weak by refusing to sack him.

Despite Labour and some Tory MPs suggesting the cabinet minister should stand down, an ally of Zahawis signalled he was digging in and absolutely not resigning.

The prime minister will be confronted later over his decision to appoint Zahawi in October and suggestions that the Stratford-upon-Avon MP settled a seven-figure tax bill with HMRC when he was chancellor last summer including a significant penalty.

Careless not deliberate: whats going on with Nadhims Zahawis taxes?

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During a visit on Monday morning, the prime minister will face questions from broadcasters over the row, as he grapples with upholding the pledge made at the start of his premiership of restoring integrity to the government.

However, Labours deputy leader, Angela Rayner, called Zahawis position untenable. She said: Every hour that Rishi Sunak refuses to sack him shows just how weak the prime minister is.

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