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Momentum built an energised grassroots left. Its financial peril is Labours loss

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By Andrew Fisher

Seven years ago, Jeremy Corbyn scraped on to the ballot paper for the Labour leadership. The Islington North MP beat odds of 100-1. He was propelled by a campaign that harnessed a wave of energy and built a movement. Many of us who worked on that campaign went to work for the Labour party with Corbyn, but others created an organisation that we all knew would be needed to bolster Corbyns leadership.

That organisation, Momentum, has this week launched a campaign to Keep up Momentum, admitting that it is struggling financially. It has told its members starkly, without your financial support we wont be able to keep doing what were doing and we cant let everything our movement has built disappear.

Momentum in financial peril after leftwing exodus from Labour

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Corbyn won and Momentum was formed because the left addressed the material conditions of our age: low wages, insecure housing, underfunded public services and rising poverty and inequality. Those policies are not only supported by the Labour membership, but are popular with the public too even among a majority of Tory voters in some cases.

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