Millions in Tory donations at risk as property developers hit back

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2023-05-30 07:24:49  • 3 mins

Property developers that have donated millions of pounds to the Conservative Party are on strike amid claims the party is blocking new house building.

Housebuilders and developers - who in the past have accounted for around a fifth of all donations - have turned off the taps.

A Tory source told The Times: I think you might struggle to name a developer who is currently donating.

It comes as the Home Builders Federation claims housebuilding in England is set to fall to the lowest level since the second world war. It has accused the government of having anti-development and anti-business policies which threaten to dramatically slow development.

And in December the government was slammed by developers for scrapping building targets after a rebellion of backbench MPs.

Ministers watered down local housebuilding targets to avoid what would have been the first major Commons rebellion of Rishi Sunaks premiership.

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