2022-11-25 10:48:19

Mention of water charges for Northern Irish households sparks pledge of 'mass resistance'

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By Adam Kula

The Northern Ireland Secretary made a passing reference to the idea in his statement to the House of Commons, in which he declared that, in the absence of a devolved government, he will decide what Northern Irelands spending plans will be.

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> Chris Heaton-Harris savages Northern Ireland's political leadership saying 'you get 21% more per head than other regions yet failed to make public finances work'

He touted a rise in overall health and education spending, but also decried the long-term lack of reform to the Provinces schools and hospital systems, and warned that the Department for Education in particular will have to rethink its spending even with a slight increase to its coffers.

Voicing clear annoyance at what he called the lamentable approach to financial affairs by Northern Irelands political leaders, he said at one point that, when it comes to raising revenue:

Amongst the options we will examine will be water charges and/or increasing income from regional rates, to ensure citizens in Northern Ireland, and all taxpayers are treated fairly and the 2023/24 Budget is balanced from the outset of the year.

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