Marjorie Taylor Greene Allegedly Terms Kari Lake As 'Grifter'

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2023-09-06 04:30:51  • 3 mins

Rep.Marjorie Taylor Greene(R-Ga.) allegedlytermed unsuccessful 2022 gubernatorial contenderKari Lakeas a grifter.

What Happened:The Georgia lawmakers alleged comments about Lake were reported by Rolling Stone,citingmultiple sources that have had private discussions with Greene.

Known for her support for former President Donald Trump, Greene seemingly questioned Lake's conservative credentials and her ongoing association withthe former presidentafter her election defeat in Arizona.

MTG thinks shes a scammer and not even a conservative, one source told the publication, adding that Greene has said that Lake is a grifter and [is] trying to keep riding Trumps coattails because she lost [in Arizona], so shes cozying up on the election-integrity messaging.

Kari did come up, and the term grifter was used to describe her more than just once, said another source, adding that Greene thinks its complete nonsense that anyone would think its a good idea for Donald Trump to consider [Kari] for VP.

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