The Liberals are moving to make hybrid Parliament permanent

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2023-06-09 00:49:07  • 3 mins

Giving members of Parliament the ability to attend proceedings virtually first emerged during the days of the COVID-19 pandemic’s social distancing measures.

Now, government House leader Mark Holland wants to make hybrid Parliament permanent.

“This should be a signal that the House of the common people is a place where all can run, where somebody who has a family or who has challenges is going to be able to be afforded the flexibility to still represent their communities,” Holland said.

“And I think that it will materially change those who look at public life.”

1:44Coronavirus: Hybrid model, distanced voting to be used for resumption of parliament, Trudeau says

Since March 2020, parliamentarians have had to repeatedly introduce temporary — and expiring — provisions allowing for MPs to appear in the House of Commons virtually.

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The current rules are set to expire this month.

Now, the Liberals will start debate on making hybrid access permanent. Holland says he expects debate to run through the week of June 12 but couldnt say a specific date for when voting will take place.

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