2023-01-23 16:58:21

A Look at Leopard 2 Tanks That Could Soon Be Sent to Ukraine

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By Associated Press

GENEVA (AP) Following intense pressure from its allies, Germany appears to be inching toward approving deliveries of high-tech Leopard 2 main battle tanks that Ukraine and its biggest Western backers hope will boost Kyivs fight against Russian invaders.

Over the weekend German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said Berlin would not get in the way if Poland arguably Ukraine's most vocal supporter among European Union neighbors wants to ship Leopard 2 tanks from its arsenal across the border into Ukraine. And Germany is now not ruling out supplying such tanks to Ukraine itself, cautioning however that the implications of such a step need to be carefully weighed.

Here's a look at what those tanks might mean for Ukraine's defense against Russian forces and hopes for driving them out.


Germany's Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, the manufacturer of the Leopard 2, touts it as the world's leading battle tank" that for over nearly a half-century has combined aspects of firepower, protection, speed and maneuverability, making it adaptable to many types of combat situations.

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PoliticsBy Natalia Drozdiak2023-01-23 08:42:39
Latvia’s top envoy criticized Germany over its indecision on whether to send Ukraine the Leopard 2 tanks, saying there are no longer any “good arguments” not...

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WARSAW, Poland (AP) Poland will ask Germany for permission to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Monday. Morawiecki...

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Foreign ministers of the European Union meet in Brussels, with Germany’s discussions on whether to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine likely to overshadow the...

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By Jenny Hill in Berlin Germany will only send battle tanks to Ukraine if the US does the same, multiple reports suggest. Chancellor Olaf Scholz is under...

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Germany’s new defense minister, Boris Pistorius, signaled that the government in Berlin may change its position on supplying — or allowing allies to supply —...

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PoliticsBy Maciej Martewicz2023-01-19 10:49:35
Poland may send German-made Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine without gaining permission from the government in Berlin, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said....

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PoliticsBy Kamil Kowalcze2023-01-17 10:35:57
A decision on sending Germany’s Leopard battle tank to Ukraine will be easier if the US sends equivalent vehicles to the war zone too, according to Vice...

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WorldBy Https://Www Facebook Com/Bbcnews2023-01-21 01:31:23
Ukraine's defence minister has said he had a "frank discussion" with his German counterpart about German Leopard 2 tanks, which Kyiv is urgently requesting...

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Germany’s new defense minister, Boris Pistorius, said his government is evaluating options to supply its Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine and could move...

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Canada isn’t yet looking at sending Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says, despite a report that the Ukrainian leadership intends to...

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Key Points Ukraine has repeatedly asked its Western allies to provide it with battle tanks to help it fight Russia and up until now, its Western allies...

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A meeting of Ukraine’s allies in Germany about delivering more powerful weapons to Kyiv shows just how much the geopolitical landscape has shifted in the...

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Germany hasn’t made a decision to allow the sending of Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine, but will allow other countries to train Ukrainian soldiers on the...

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PoliticsBy Alberto Nardelli2023-01-19 17:47:38
The Netherlands is open to paying for Leopard tanks to be sent to Ukraine as part of a coalition of European and NATO allies, said Dutch Minister of Defense...

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PoliticsBy Eleanor Watson2023-01-19 23:51:52
Defense officials say one priority of Friday's Ukraine Defense Contact Group is pressuring Germany to give or allow other countries to commit German-made...

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By James FitzGerald BBC News Dozens of countries allied with Ukraine will meet on Friday to coordinate arms supplies for Kyiv, which has ramped up its...

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PoliticsBy Dan Sabbagh2023-01-20 12:01:47
Ukraines president has pleaded with Germany and western allies to send their battle tanks to Kyiv, amid speculation that Berlin would allow German-made...

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Politics2023-01-20 08:23:06
The US and its allies meet in Ramstein, Germany, Friday, to discuss more military assistance for Ukraine, including heavy weapons, with pressure mounting on...

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By Antoinette Radford BBC News Germany has not yet decided whether to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, or allow other countries to donate theirs, despite...

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Key Points The director of America's top spy agency said Russia's war in Ukraine will require the West to continue to provide security assistance packages....