Why has Laurene Powell Jobs STILL not donated to 80-year-old Biden's 2024 bid? Steve Jobs'...

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2023-09-04 12:04:23  • 6 mins

Multi-billionaire Laurene Powell jobs was a top backer for Joe Biden and Democrats in 2020, and attended Bidens glamorous first state dinner as president, with President Emmanuel Macron of France.

But so far this election cycle she has not put her fortune toward getting the 80-year-old incumbent reelected at a time when he needs every well-heeled backer he can summon.

Jobs, who is estimated to be worth about $14 billion and who ranks 145th on the Forbes wealth list, cut big checks to the Biden Victory Fund and the Democratic National Committee during the 2020 election cycle.

Now, the Atlantic magazine she owns, has published a withering account of the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan he presided over, while also featuring articles making the case for a primary challenge.

Her campaign giving came late, mostly in June 2020, after Biden had already sewn up the nomination.

But as of the latest Federal Election Committee deadline, Bidens campaign had not disclosed a contribution from her even as it leans on big donors to make up for a drop in small dollar donations even as he prepares to potentially face Donald Trump.

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