Labour plans would let councils buy land for lower prices

2023-05-30 09:31:46  • 2 mins

Labour says it would give councils in England new powers to buy land at lower prices to boost housebuilding if it wins power.

Councils would be able to buy land under compulsory purchase orders (CPOs) without having to factor in the value of potential planning permissions.

Labour is promising to "back the builders, not the blockers" in its pitch to voters.

The government said it was already planning to reform the system.

However, its plans would involve giving the powers to approve compulsory purchase orders and sales at lower prices to the secretary of state.

  • Labour would build on green belt to boost housing
  • What's happened to the government's housebuilding target?

Currently, councils buying sites through CPOs must factor in the "hope value" - the value accrued through the expectation of planning permission being secured in the future.

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